Benchtop Testing
Following design freeze, benchtop testing rapidly evaluates in-service performance prior to embarking on the lengthy pre-clinical and clinical requirements.

Fathomís experts in biomechanics, anatomy, and physiology, will combine the knowledge available in academic publications with custom-designed anatomic characterization utilizing state-of-the-art imaging techniques to derive the acute and chronic boundary conditions that your device will need to withstand during delivery and while in vivo.

Functionality Testing
Assurance of accurate and repeatable product functionality is important not only for safety, but also for market adoption. Fathom can design benchtop systems and conduct testing to simulate the deployment into mock anatomy and/or the chronic fatigue environment that your device is required to survive.

We can define acceptance limits and characterize the surfaces of your medical device delivery systems and implants through SEM, EDS, Auger, SIMS, Corrosion Testing, and Ion Release Testing to verify that your products meet the industryís robust biocompatibility requirements.

Finite Element Analysis
Complex mechanical components often require computational models to accurately evaluate the local effects of global acute and chronic biomechanical inputs. Fathomís engineering team can perform FEA on your products to evaluate and optimize your product to survive the challenging human anatomy.

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