Post-Market Support
Once successfully commercialized, your device is subject to a new set of challenges. Fathom is your partner in protecting your device against infringing competitors or evaluating in-service failures to determine the risk and possible need for product recall.

Post-market surveillance has become common-place and requires tremendous engineering bandwidth to evaluate all reported incidents. Fathom can assist in this important function and offer product performance improvement plans for minimizing future incidents.

Failure Analysis
Fathomís engineering consultants are recognized experts in failure analysis and accident reconstruction. Identification of the root cause of in-service failures is essential in remedying the problem. Utilizing macroscopic and microscopic characterization, we will determine the cause of in-service failures and offer options for improvements in future products.

Patent Infringement
Protection of your market share sometimes requires enforcing and/or defending against patent infringement claims. Fathom can evaluate the IP landscape and offer expert litigation support in patent infringement cases.

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